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I've always wanted to post this comic here. It hits home, having a sister and mom who have been tiny tiny (rarely over 100lbs) their whole lives, naturally. Many a time I've had to hold back lashing out at fats for telling my sister, out of NOWHERE, to eat "cheeseburgers". The disdain in their eyes upon viewing beautiful women who defy, with ease, that the fat the lards lug around doesn't even need to exist. Watching their seething hatred at the realization that they have desecrated their corporeal capsules - no one's fault but their own. Deluding themselves and hiding behind their cellulite cocoons.


[–] Professor_Shitlord 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago 

Yea... It's been a challenge to convince my girlfriend that I love her tiny boobs and gymnast shoulders. I still don't think she believes me.

"Real women have curves" is fucking stupid. Real women (and men) kick ass. They pursue excellence with passion. They set an example and then encourage others to be better than before. Those are the women (and men) I know and respect.


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Throughout different time periods and cultures there have been as many beauty ideals as there are different types. That's why we don't all look the bloody same because our ancestors had differing tastes! If her great-great-great grandma was hot enough for her great etc grandpa I'm sure she's gorgeous to you too.


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I wish more people took that to heart.


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Having dated several girls that fall into that same category; fuck every single fat pig that makes fun of how they look. Every time I heard a line like that I'd send the ham away crying if we had the time to stop and inform it of how the world really sees it.


[–] mk46gunner 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Many a time I've had to hold back lashing out at fats for telling my sister, out of NOWHERE, to eat "cheeseburgers"

I got tired of holding back, especially when the comments are completely unsolicited or come from people who have zero reason to suspect we had even noticed their existence. A few years back I got kicked out of and subsequently banned from a local Old Navy for my response to two fats who decided to make comments to the girl I was with at the time. Cool thing is she didn't hold back and unloaded, too. I kinda miss that girl. Ok, I really miss that girl.

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*Shitlord "without" abandon...