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Saw this comment on a fb thread with this video. This guy is another perfect example of winners (non-fats) vs losers (fats). He went 12 years in the military without letting his mates know he has a chronic disease. A tumblrina can't go 3 hours without posting about a fake one.


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I also have CP. There is HUGE range of severity. Depends on what area of your brain is damaged.

Mine is pretty mild, but mine was ignored by my parents so now i have limited range of motion in my right ankle due to muscle tightness and deformed bone structure of my ankle/foot. I can't walk properly (can't get my foot flat on the floor, even with stretching multiple times a day.)

Considering I can't walk right, running is also out. I do love to bike however :)

Am 5'8 and around 140ish. Would prefer to be around 130ish though...


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You should get jacked in your upper body just to spite your ankle ;D