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I have shamelessly stolen this for antiobesityscience too, it's perfect. Excellent work shitlady!!


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Just an FYI, the domain is up for grabs on GoDaddy for $28/yr. If I had the extra funds right now I'd snatch it up and throw together a quick site for it.


[–] journalistsarelazy 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Hmm, that's definitely worth thinking about. I have the funds but no expertise to build a reasonable site around it. For accumulating links, voat and tumblr seem to be the easier way to do it simply... but it is out of my control somewhat should voat get nuked or I get booted off tumblr. I don't think I've got any real usp that would mark out anything different from other awareness sites along a similar obesity vein. Also /u/hornypickle thoughts welcome... /v/antiobesityscience was your baby