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I used to think FPH was supposed to inspire the fat to make efforts,

Well then, you should fuck off. This place has never been a support group. If you think the content sucks, stop being so fucking lazy and post your own. .


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I used to think FPH was supposed to inspire the fat to make efforts

You were naive then.

there's just a bunch of angry fucks

The word "hate" is right there in the name. It's not fatpeopledislike or fatpeoplemotivation. We're losing the war, dumbass. The world is getting fatter every day. It pisses me off, and I don't blame others for getting pissed off about it too.

Now fuck off out of here with that shit.


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Seems you're not much of a shitlord anyway:

Once got with a fat chick, even though I was drunk. She had an ok face and was wearing loose clothes. I could never get past lifting the bottom of her top because the touch of her love handles just undrunked me on a dime.


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Awww @penisse what happened you let yourself go and got fat? The fat seems to be clouding your judgement. You're a nobody - no one gives a shit if you disappear.

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He runs v/keto, so probably not overweight. A bit bitchy though, sure.


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@penisse now now, someone's a bit gwumpy! Time for a tall half-gallon of whole milk and a 24-count value pack of chocolate chip cookies, Gotta give the hungry monster in your tum tum some yum yums!


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How the fuck do you angle a shot to make someone look morbidly obese in a picture? Fupas and backtits don't lie.