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Ugh you should report her, to the district manager. Not the shift lead, not the general manager(unless that person would too recognize your face), but go all the way up.

Make sure to tell the DM to check with the store to see how often you come in, so it shouldn't really be an issue because your always get the same thing.


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Certified letter to the CEO. Certified letters are only a couple of bucks but get attention.


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Next time tell them you had to throw it out because you're allergic to mayo that's what I do :)


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I had an fat idiot do something similar to me but with onions. I FUCKING HATE ONIONS so I went in and said I was SEVERALY allergic to the point of death, they apologized and comped my meal. I honestly didn't want them to do that and i felt guilty I just wanted my sub made right lol. Anyway I hope they charged it to the fat idiot


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I've actually done that before. I hate mayo. I tell them sorry it'll kill me. Don't wipe it off, make it over.


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I hate mayo.

I love that there are other mayo haters here on FPH. Now it truly feels like home.


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Solid advice. I'm terribly lactose intolerant. People don't get that for some reason. They always add something, leaving me with horrible somach problems. I learned early on, say you're allergic and they get it and they won't put it on your food.


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Next time you get there - complain. Say you had to throw the food away because you're not allowed to eat fatty shit for health reasons. Make something up if you need to (for example a removed gallbladder). I know, lying is not good but it gets any ham shut up in no time. Health arguments leave them no way of bullshitting you or teeheeing their way out of the conversation. :)


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I've had my gallbladder removed, and even this didn't deter people. Telling people I was allergic to mayo did work. Otherwise, they'd just scrape it off whatever I was eating and hand it back to me.


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Mayo tastes nasty. All the scraping in the world won't get that nasty soaked in taste out. It's like taking pickles off a sandwich. Still gonna taste like pickles. I also lack my gallbladder, hi cholestestectomy buddy!


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because you're not allowed to eat fatty shit for health reasons

That's all you need to say. No need to make shit up, it is for health reasons. The reason: not getting fat. Health reason enough if you ask me.


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Can you imagine the REEEEing that would ensue if some shitlord sandwich-artist decided to hold a fatty customer's mayo due to thinking, "I will intercede on your behalf, despite your expressed wishes, by making your food how I think it should be"?

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The term "Sandwich Artist" was used on some employee hats at Subway, circa 2000.

I too consider myself an artist when it comes to making sandwiches, but its mainly by selecting non-shit ingredients (real meat, heady bread, fresh veggies, no mayo, etc.).


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Fuckton of mayo probably is dry to someone who eats it straight out the jar.


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I wouldn't give that place any business. If you go into a place regularly, they're supposed to respect you. If you don't want cheese and mayo, you don't get it. Trying to convince someone that cheese and lard is a necessary is rude. I wouldn't go back.


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So much this. Keep giving it business for bad service is kind of self defeating.


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Subways are franchises. You're likely better off directly emailing corporate and have them put pressure on the franchise owner.


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OK, I am in a mean spirited mood today. I am normally all about just letting things go however you can only push so far before you get the shit slapped out of you. If she's asking for it (and it sounds like she is) then give it to her (excuse me, it). Set it up. Set the ham up. She's tried to do it before yes? She knows for a certainty that you do NOT want mayo right? You know that the second you turn your back she is going to ruin your sandwich on purpose correct?

Now, I realize the easy answer is just not to go back to that location. Sure, you could just go that way but seriously if you are like me it might be that this particular place is on the route home or to work, etc... and it would be inconvenient for you to have to make other arrangements, etc.... So this bitch wants to bully and push you around. Don't tuck your tail between your legs and just not go in there anymore not without shoving her right back first anyway.

Think of this like food terrorism (hey, obeasts like to say that people who fat shame are worst than terrorists). You don't let the terrorist change your way of life! So on the next occasion that you decide to have a sandwich just walk into the shop all smiling and carry on like nothing is out of the ordinary. Purposely turn your back on the beast and let her do her thing. Before you pay tell her you want to double check the sandwich first because you have a "condition", xyz and certain ingredients can make you sick. Hey you're not lying. You do have a condition and that is that you don't want fucking mayo on your sandwich.

Check sandwich, find mayo, throw a melodramatic, over the top hissy fit and demand to see the manager/owner. Even if the manager/owner is an obeast said obeast should nearly shit themselves if you use the "L" word - and I don't mean love. Threaten to get a lawyer and sue for health reasons - AKA "condishuns" (hey if they ask... privacy laws and all, you had rather not discuss your very private personal health matters with strangers)... You don't have to outright lie about having allergies just insinuate that the she beast has put your well-being in jeopardy. They don't have to know that you aren't really going to get a lawyer. Then stand back and watch them turn red and shake with fear.

It's fucking annoying as fuck being bullied about what you want to put into your own body. Fuck these butter barges.

Trust me when I say pulling this shit will at least get them to fuck off and quit forcing shit that you don't want on you. I have a bladder condition. I have no idea why but I have had various people try to push, manipulate, coerce, and force me into having an alcoholic drink, a soft drink, or something highly acidic that I avoid. I will simply say "no, thank you" maybe three times but after that it is NOT just irritating, it is fucking rude, presumptive, and bullying behavior. What do I do? Look them dead in the eyes and say in a very serious voice, "I have a very serious health condition that prevents me from having that and I would appreciate it if you would stop now. I have already told you no. I can't have it and I don't want it. I really don't want to end up with a medical situation". Or something to that effect. There are always red faces, lots of stammering, and apologies.

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