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I'm not clear with what you want me to elaborate on. He looks like he's got quite some screws loose? He doesn't seem all there? His mental facilities seem to be on unstable grounds which might explain why he's fine with touching that disfigured organism.


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An individual with APD doesn't have "some screws loose." APD generally manifests as minimal emotional depth, lack of empathy for other people, and lack of a conscience or internal moral compass; there are a few other aspects, as well, but those are largely behavioral and can be controlled. APD can be comorbid with other disorders, personality or otherwise, which can result in some individuals with APD also having "some screws loose," but that's due to something other than APD.

The reason I posted "...and?" is because you made an observation and seemed to be implying that you were making judgments about the individual without voicing those judgments. I just wanted you to clarify what you felt were the implications of having APD.