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[–] notyourgoodfatty-com [S] 0 points 33 points (+33|-0) ago 

I've never asked you guys to go out of your way to spread my content but someone like this should be exposed to everyone. If you guys could share it on social media etc so it becomes the #1 hit when you search Kiva Bay I would greatly appreciate it. Her friends are all doing damage control and even trying to get people to donate to her Patreon. This woman has tried to use fat acceptance and her FeministDeck to become the next professional activist, & its disgusting.

I'm sure you all notice I don't have ads on the site, I don't have any crowdfunding Notyourgoodfatty is all run out of pocket and I prefer it that way so obviously I have nothing to profit from trying to get this all over the Internet but I refuse to let someone like this scam people and then jump to other platforms just to do it all over again with no recourse.


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The fact you are so passionate without the lure of profit makes me respect you that much more. Keep up the good fight!


[–] notyourgoodfatty-com [S] 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Thank You! TBH I have a good career & the site doesn't cost much to run. I do most of my writing during my commute & I usually just hit up Twitter when I'm bored.

That being said it does drive me to expose frauds like Baker, Ragen, & Kiva because I see how little it can take to run a site that pumps out more content than the three of em combined. It isn't a full time job, hell it's barely enough time/money/energy to be considered a hobby.