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I dunno he's at like 15% body fat I'd guess. That's pretty good and it's obvious he's worked hard unlike 95% of the progress pics posted here. I'd hazard a guess that many skinny fats with a less protruding gut have a higher percentage, around 18-20%. Given his broad shoulders and other signs of good weight training I'm guessing he's got some pretty good abs under that last 15 or so lbs of flab as well.

Sure he can loss another few percentages of body fat but much below 12% and you're talking pro athlete, competitive body builder or dedicated runner/biker.

This isn't the lardbeast that I rage against parking in the handicaps, tying up space on the bus, stinking, etc.


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I see collarbones and some ab definition. Not sure what you're talking about.


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He's clearly not at body builder status or anything, but he looks to be a healthy weight and BMI now... We only hate fatties here.


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He doesn't look overweight to me. I was expecting one of those "progress pics" where the lardbarge looks exactly the same, but he doesn't. He's a human now.


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Um this dude is a human now, im not seeing someone who is still fat. Am i missing something here?