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It's a very common myth but there's a grain of truth. Food takes some energy to digest. If you eat small meals throughout the day your metabolism will remain slightly elevated as you are constantly digesting small amounts. Is there any net difference with eating just one big meal? Nope.


[–] 5449474? 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Food takes the same energy to digest per unit, regardless of how much you eat at a time. When people say they have a "slow metabolism" they mean they somehow magically extract more energy from food than other people, that their metabolism is more complete and thorough, thus "slow". While there are small differences from person to person, human metabolism is quite uniform, and nothing that explains away obesity. When metabolism is problematic, it is a case of incomplete digestion or difficulty absorbing nutrients, which means you actually obtain less energy from food than an average person. But no one can extract more energy from food than is actually there.


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Yeah exactly, whether you spend the energy all at once or over several meals there's no difference in the total thermogenic effect.