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“Everyone, regardless of their disability, has some responsibility to ensure his or her own safety.”

Personal responsibility? That's gonna trigger the shit out of the hams.


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If anyone is still wondering why we hate them... How do you justify this? Instead of thinking to themselves that their weight would put them in mortal danger if a true emergency were to occur and that they should change that, instead they just want other people to risk their lives to accommodate them.

Fuck them. Let the lazy, callous and fat pieces of shit burn.


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It's an admittance, not just that they don't think they will change and lose weight, but that they have zero intention of changing and losing the weight. By signing up for this list, they aren't even going to try because they think they've found an easy out.

They will die in an emergency. It's unlikely that dozens will be personally rescued in an actual fire. I'll laugh when it happens because this is it. This is the opportunity to solve a problem before it happens.


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This is why I'm not a firefighter.

I could not leave someone behind, I would throw one of these fat asses out a windows before I left them to burn to death. And I would get sued to hell and back for it.

I actually had some obeast bitch tell me on line that Firefighters needed to train more to properly lift obese people. When I learned the fireman carry and was weight training I was the best in my group and I could bench 280lbs. I could technically carry a fat person as long as it wasn't going up stairs.

These disgusting up right hogs who blow past 300lbs need to accept that they will die during an emergency situation.

  • Install networked smoke detectors.
  • Install a sprinkler system.
  • Install solid core doors on the bedrooms.
  • Install fire ladders where needed.
  • Get fire extinguishers and recharge them on schedule.
  • Establish a meeting place in case of fires so firefighters do not have to die entering buildings looking for people who are not in there.


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I actually had some obeast bitch tell me on line that Firefighters needed to train more to properly lift obese people

How fucking entitled can they get. Now other people need to become professional bodybuilders just to lift their lazy asses, when all they would have to do to ensure their survival is eat less - something that doesn't even require effort. I say fuck them, if they cared about their lives at all they wouldn't purposefully make themselves disabled.

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Yeah she did not enjoy the responses because even some of the other people on that site told her that's not realistic.

I went a bit more into detail that firefighters already carry an easy hundred pounds worth of gear. And if her or anyone else weighs over 250lbs let along blowing past 300lbs its not physically possible for a firefighter to carry them.

That's when you'll see fatties start boasting that they could crawl out. I wish I was making this up.


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  • Install fire ladders where needed


That sounds like suicide for the hogs. If they can't even take the stairs how can they climb out of a window and onto the sports? They're also too weak to hold up their own massive girth. Their center of gravity is further from the sports, they weigh 6+ times what a human should weigh, they are weaker than regular human cuzz the only training they do is 50000 reps of lifting 3gram doritos to their gaping maw. I 100% guarantee you that all fat slobs using fire escape ladders tumbl r e to their deaths


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I always recommend fire ladders but I know damn well some obeast or heavier will not be able to use one.

Most fire ladders for the home are akin to rope ladders only made with chain or cable and steel cross bars. No couch bison will be able to balance themselves while climbing down one. It would be entertaining to watch as long as they didn't land on anyone or item of value when their fat ass falls and hits the ground like a wad of bird shit.


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Disgusting. Helping an obeast on a non ground floor is what caused the injury that prevents my coworker from being a fireman anymore.


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If a person doesn't want to even TRY taking care of their own SURVIVAL (ffs) then they should just be left there. It is going down the stairs. It's not Olympic sport.

I have seen a person paralyzed from waist down trying to drag themselves down by holding on to the railing. I understand that that kind of person needs some help. If you just stand there and REE about how HARD IT IS TO GO DOWN STAIRS then I don't give a shit about you.



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Oh man. Just thinking of that man pulling himself down the stairs breaks my heart.


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How many elite powerlifters actually work as firefighters? That's what it would take, a fire department full of world class strongmen to carry their obese bodies down the stairs.


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Not even they would be able to carry >400lbs down several stairs quickly in an emergency situation...


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Not to mention 400lbs of blubber is a lot more unweildy than a simple barbell or rock or something. Just ask medical shitlords.


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A handful of men in the world might be capable of this. The best of the best. The top 1% of the top 1%. There's pretty much no chance that this guy's fire department has the strongest men in the world, guys who can carry 400 pounders down stairs. These fats think they're entitled to that because actually walking down stairs is uncomfortable for them.


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I think you guys are seeing this the wrong way. That list is an awesome idea. You tell all the obeasts to meet up at a certain staircase so the firefighters can come and assist them downstairs... but accidentally "forget" to mention it to the fire department. Boom! You just got rid of all the obeasts in the office. Pro tip: stay away from the fire perimeter, it might smell like melting lard.


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I was thinking this too. But in reality, the fire fighters won't need to forget. It's unlikely to be safe enough to go in and personally carry down dozens of fats. They will be knowingly left there because there's no way to get them out.


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If you're so fat that you won't climb stairs even to save your life, you're not worth saving, even if it were practical. For that matter, why should we risk the life of a firefighter for someone who'll eat themselves in to a heart attack any day now?

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