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Eh, maybe that's just the etiquette she expects in some cases, not what she demands. I mean, I try to be as polite as possible when going on dates, and most of this stuff is just etiquette. As far as picking up the check goes, I say whoever asked the other person out pays, maybe that's what she meant. The door-holding thing is just something polite to do, and when on a date it shows your thinking about the person you're spending time with. I look out for whether the guy is on the right side of the sidewalk too, because that means his parents or grandparents or some mentor taught him some manners.

I don't think she expects this, and does the fatty thing of huffing and waiting for someone else to open it if she reaches the door first or doesn't bother bringing money and order the entire menu, but she looks for these cues when on dates, and shitlords just tend to do these things. Fatties just take it to the extreme and act like princesses, it seems like she just wants to be treated like a lady.