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  1. She's 16

  2. He's a degenerate

Nothing of value was lost. If anything, jail will do him more good than student loan debt slavery ever could.


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But all we have here is a woman

No, she is 16 and just a child. Seems like this guy broke the cardinal rule of how White societies protect their children.

16'll get you 20. No pity for this clown.


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I disagree. 16 is not "just a child". That's a near adult. There isn't a strict black-white border where a child becomes a biological adult. 18 is just the number that we have decided is the average when we regard a human to be an adult. What we see here is two teenagers having sex with each other. That is it.


[–] bdmthrfkr ago 

I agree that arbitrary numbers are misleading and every different culture seems to have a different idea about the age of consent. Where I live the age of consent is 15 but since I am an American citizen I must follow the laws of the last state that I lived in. Regardless of where I go.

Since I do believe in the rule of Law though and not that of "it feels great so let's just do it" I will provide this link for you to be compliant with the Law if you so choose to be.

Unless you are American because then 16 WILL get you 20!



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idiot move on the young man's side. if the people who write the laws want to declare all drunken sex as a form of statutory rape than they can do that. it wouldn't be the first time that they made voluntary sex that people wanted to have illegal under the pretext of rape.