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Tommy Robinson is a Jew. So WHY IS THE UK SO ANTI-SEMITIC? Should be the question on everyone's mind!


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Who cares about Tommy's heritage when the issue is MUSLIMS ARE RAPING THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN IN THE UK. Worry about Tommy's religion AFTER the muslim problem is addressed.


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You don't address the problem by undermining a trial. Which is what he did when he breached the reporting restrictions. Those mudslimes could walk free thanks to Tommy. Surprised they haven't asked for a retrial as a result.


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It was a sentencing. They were already convicted. The information he was streaming was what he was reading from a public record. He was not undermining a trial, he was creating publicity. Publicity, so the public would know what these animals did to those girls and demand that it is stopped. The government arrested and railroaded him into jail because the government wanted this to be covered up. The citizens of the UK need to be standing next to Tommy and demanding their government explain why it is working against the best interests of the British people in order to protect muslim immigrants.


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So is that why we dont show people on trial in America?


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What do we want? The freedom to prejudice a trial! When do we want it? Now!


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So how many kids did you buy?


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Tommy Robinson. The half Jewish European Nationalist Zionist with Imam backing.

Look what the shills are trying to do to Voat.


" Geert is also a zionist. So is Trump, Orban, and other Voat "idols."

If you don't like zionists then Voat is not the right place for you. Try reddit, they love Palestine over there. You can try it yourself, go make a reddit account, criticize IDF and be pro-Palestine/Iran, they will love you."

You people are fools and this is why the White ruling class elite has turned their backs on you and have joined with the Jews. People like me are ostracized for trying to help the commoners meanwhile we can join the other team and gain from your downfall instead.

Why try to help the masses and have them resent you for it when you can profit by destroying them instead?

Trying to help you people is self-destructive, however trying to fuck you over is profitable and secures our existence.

I'm trying to show you people with VIDEO PROOF that Tommy Robinson is a ZIONIST. He is working directly with the people who are behind the Islamification of the West. He has pledged his allegiance to our enemies on video, and yet this still isn't enough to clue the masses in to make them realize they're being played.

The average person is a sheep that subconsciously allows themself to be manipulated and influenced. This is their natural function. Sheep are gonna sheep. This is what they do. Trying to help the sheep is futile. You cannot turn the sheep into shephards. Trying to do so will turn them against you. This is why if you're a shepherd you work with the dominant group of shepherds ( Jews) and gain. Trying to help the sheep will only harm you. The sheep will subconsciously hate you for trying to turn them into shepherds because it is not in their nature. They want to be lead and instructed. They lack a piece of their brain that allows them to function indepently. They are like autonomous robots that need a signal telling them what to do in order to function. Without this signal telling them what to do they are lost.

Tommy Robinson is a ZIONIST shill.

Proof from 2012



And here are some interesting pictures of him you should see.



Archived tweets.


These are two pictures of many. He is a Zionist shill. Controlled opposition. His incarceration is a publicity stunt to gain him fame and influence in the movement. This is how (((they))) infiltrate and takeover.

Coincidence that Gert Wilder is backing Tommy and he's also an Israeli agent having secret meeting in Israel?

Geert Wilders Investigated by Dutch Secret Service for Ties to Israel, Report Says


If you think Zionist Jews should control European nationalism than you deserve what you get. Extinction.

Tommy Robinson has met with members of Manchester’s Jewish community at a secretive event


Tommy Robinson's real last name is LENNON and he calls himself a " ZIONIST" and has secret meetings with Jews. CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Stephen Christopher Lennon (né Yaxley; 27 November 1982[3]), known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson and previously Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris,[4] is a far right activist[5][6][7][8][9] who co-founded and served as spokesman and leader of the English Defence League (EDL),[10] from which he resigned in 2013.

Robinson has declared his support for the Jewish people and Israel, calling himself a Zionist.[19]


I could keep digging, but I can already tell that he's working with Jews with makes him a shill, a traitor, or blind as a bat.

Jews import Muslims and create the problem and then pose as the solution and give us another " WE MUST LOVE ISRAEL" leader a-la Trump.

Look. Jews are not allies. They are behind the Islamification of the West.


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I think there is a golden opportunity here.

Shame the fuck out of the UK by calling them Anti-Semitic. There is no downside for us.

We name the crypto jew and at the same time back them into a corner where they are forced to defend Jews and why they are persecuting one of them!


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Now you are talking, but the rabid mob here isn't listening.



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Wow you pedophiles are working overtime? So how afraid are you of finding out how many kids you fucked?