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In my "gifted" (I hate that term) classes back in elementary school we learned this concept. Like Maslow's Hierarchy of Need, it was called the Hierarchy of Learning. This article just cover the first transition...

1) Knowledge - essentially rote memorization.
2) Comprehension - understanding the underlying principles.
3) Application - being able to recall and utilize the principles when appropriate.
4) Analysis - being able to understand the results of application.
... The next two swapped positions a few times over the years, I see them as a repeating loop...

5 & 6) Evaluation and Synthesis - being able to create new knowledge and principles, replacing the old as necessary to further knowledge.

So, it isn't that the first level, Knowledge, is bad as the author seems to imply. It is merely a requisite step on the way to understanding. Also, understanding is not needed for all things. I do not need to understand the more physics of incandescence to make use of a lightbulb, I just need to know that flipping the switch "turns it on".

If I wanted to be an electrical engineer on the other hand...