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So what can I do to reduce my appetite? I'm ALWAYS hungry. Eat a full meal to the point of being overstuffed and 15 minutes later I STILL want to eat.

I HATE IT. If I could entirely kill my appetite for about 3 months I'd do it.

What do I do?


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If you are always hungry you may have a candida problem which is making you crave more of it's alien friends. Imagine these guys have hijacked your brain and control many of your decisions, at least food related. Consumption of a spoonful of coconut oil will satisfy your bodies cravings far more than snacking and is a natural destroyer of internal parasites and candida.

Sativa cannabis is a natural appetite suppressor and energiser. It can be ingested in oil form. A 2 day juice cleanse, will significantly change your perception of food for the better, if you are able to consume the full spectrum of nutrients within that time.

In fact, of an evening a combination of Spinach, Celery, Apple, Lemon (lemon is a body sugar balancer when we consume fruits), Ginger, Asparagus, Carrot... Red Cabbage produces the most beautiful colored juice you have ever seen and is loaded with vitamin C, which increases collagen production in our skin. The juice will for the first time, in perhaps a long time, satisfy your bodies nutrient cravings and thus will suppress your desire to overeat. The energy gained from juicing encourages us to be more active, which in turn all contributes to the habitual shift in your current state of emotional eating. There will certainly be gas and a period of cleansing but it will change your life for the better, forever.


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Practice makes perfect. I've been doing intermittent fasting lately. Hard to overeat if you only eat for ~8 hours a day. If you eat pretty cleanly it's​ tough to hit 2000 calories. Which brings us to suggestion number two.

Picking the right foods is half of the battle. It's very easy to eat 1000 calories of pizza or cookies or crap like that. Much harder to eat 1000 calories of broccoli or spinach or carrots or even apples. Cheesecake is great, but it's also a very fast way to get garbage tier calories.

If you only eat food in your house (i.e. don't do restaurants) then most of the battling takes place when you're grocery shopping. For me, that's once a week. As long as I don't buy stupid stuff during that ~20 minute shopping trip, I'm pretty much set for the week. Just need to make sure that I get enough stuff to cover the basic meals and some reasonable snacking.

If you do certain meals consistently (e.g. chicken+rice+veggies) then a lot of your shopping is done on autopilot and you don't even have to try very hard.

It just takes practice to get to the level where everything falls into place effortlessly 90%+ of the time. If your parents didn't set a good baseline for you when you were a kid then you'll have to do it yourself as an adult (maybe with help from others who care about you if you're lucky).


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https://archive.is/N6h6W | https://vgy.me/hGW2T8.png :

Calorie restriction and longevity: Monkey study shows hunger doesn’t increase longevity, but type of food does.

'So while calorie restriction may or may not make you live longer, overeating and obesity will certainly make you die sooner. '

'Even so, calorie restriction does seem to reduce—drastically in some cases—one’s risk of developing age-related diseases like cancer and diabetes. '

'The concept goes back to the 1930s, when a young professor of nutrition named Clive McCay noticed that hatchery trout seemed to live longer when they were fed less. '

'And while we might not (yet) know how to live forever, more of us will be able to avoid a long, sad decline and will live longer, healthy lives. '

'And if eating less doesn’t always increase lifespan, it does improve “healthspan,” our allotment of healthy years. '

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