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Why Japan's Longest-Lived Women Hold the Key to Better Health | The Huffington Post

'TOFU: Tofu is to Okinawans what bread is to the French and potatoes are to Eastern Europeans: a daily habit. '

'This sweet potato -- high in flavonoids, vitamin C, fiber, carotenoids, and slow-burning carbohydrates -- is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. '

'The "supplements" on display were Okinawan sweet potatoes, soybeans, mugwort, turmeric, and goya (bitter melon). ', "TURMERIC: Ginger's golden cousin, turmeric figures prominently in the Okinawan diet as both a spice and a tea."

'SWEET POTATOES: Okinawan imo is a supercharged purple sweet potato, a cousin of the yellow-orange sweet varieties. '

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