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Mysterious Insect Fossil Gap Explained - Scientific American

'The earliest known insect fossil is a 385-million-year-old wingless creature that looks like a silverfish. '

'This so-called hexapod gap has long vexed paleontologists, given that insects today are found in almost every imaginable land habitat. '

'One hypothesis suggests that chokingly low oxygen levels kept insect diversity from soaring during the gap and that these creatures proliferated only once the life-giving gas increased. '

'Yet there are none whatsoever in the known fossil record between 385 million and 325 million years ago. ', "But advances in the understanding of atmospheric oxygen levels are challenging that idea, explains Sandra Schachat, a paleoentomologist at Stanford University, who led a recent study that modeled the gas's availability during the hexapod gap."

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This didn't explain the gap at all.

In fact it created doubt on what little explanation we already had.