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Greetings, citizens. I'm the new adminstrator for the Emergency Nation, /u/0cra_tr0per. by [deleted] in emergencynation

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This isn't a shitpost thread. I'm actually the second Administrator on the EN roster.


/u/7e62ce85 | [7e62ce85's bitmessage address] | (PR/administration)

[6 non-administrators]

/u/0cra_tr0per | [My BitMessage address] | (Administration)

-The EN roster message 7e62ce85 sent me

If you're skeptical about me actually being the second person assigned to adminstration, ask 7e62ce85.

7e62ce85 removed 4 months ago on 11/3/2018 3:50:16 PM

"Rule Violation in v/emergencynation: No feminism, Islam, socialism, Judaism, Nazism or other 'zombie-isms'; Description: Other"