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Even though it’s fake I still love it. “Communist swine” is the best part

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Fake, only kinda-sorta gay.

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This one always gives me a chuckle

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There's no name, teacher or date. If this were real there would have been at least one bloody fingerprint.

True Story: in 4th grade I did a book report on Nathan Bedford Forrest. It was a small hard cover short story detailing the early life and beginnings of the Klan. I am absolutely sure that they have since burned that book. Even then I got a few odd looks from the teachers and one or two from my parents.

Dear Mom & Dad, I became the Hitler you always knew I'd be!

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lmao... Doubting this is real.

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Fake look a the 's' in the teacher commnet vs what the kid wrote. The same

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she said pelase so u say