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I don't get it. Was she incapable of having children? Seems like a really desperate attempt to get a guy roped into a long term relationship with you. Her lover wouldn't commit to her so she convinced her husband to do IVF and then swap out the semen? How does that even happen? Aren't those things handled by medical facilities?

I have a lot of questions, and most of them point to this being fake, or a serious mishap on the procedure.

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Not fake. TFM did a video on it. She needed IVF I suppose due to her age. The fertility clinic helped her swap the sperm (most people are innate feminists) and the guy is suing them.

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her age? the girl in that pic is young.

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I don't know what/who TFM is. Do they have a BitChute account? I'm interested.

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Paternity test every fucking time.

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Doesn't matter. He's still on the hook for child support. If married, you are responsible for the product of wife's infidelity. Rare exceptions. But if you get gal pregnant outside of your marriage, do you think your wife will pay child support for kid she's not related to? LOL!

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That's why in this situation the best option is to remove yourself from your govt jurisdiction as fast as possible. Life in some other place that you will need to learn to call your home is better than slavery.

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The worst part is that the woman always wins, even if she has a civil process on her, she managed to have a kid due to someone else paying.

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Stoning might be going a bit further than necessary but the way Islam handles women is definitely why it is so successful. It is important to note that the Amish are having the same success with far less violence.