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Liberal "logic".

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The friend is the guy they let fuck their wife behind their back.

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If only that were the case. They do it infront of his face

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Zero points for logic...but I begrudgingly award one point for humor.

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Id rather be a solitary wolf than a sheep in the herd.

[–] L_Ron_Hoover 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Better to live one's whole life a kissless virgin than spend even one day as a cuck.

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Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, sparky! More like Mrs. Cuck bitches at you for yanking it to porn, while she's off screwing the local basketball team. Hope you get a sexual thrill out of giving an exploitive whore money, and supporting another man's child. Judging by that guy's expression, he's not even getting 'sloppy seconds'.

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Mrs. Cuck bitches at you for yanking it to porn,

This. This is an important detail that they don't get. Mrs Cuck is TERRIFIED that her cuck husband does not find her attractive. The moment this happens is the moment the cucking goes from being a "LOL i am hot" to "oh my God i am so ugly my husband hates me and does not care if i fuck other dudes, and all i have been doing is being used by low life guys". This is their internal fear.

You can cause a lot of shenanigans by posting "Cucks let other people fuck their wives, because they no longer find them attractive".

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Cucks are hopeless. Women will take advantage of a cuck because he buys her things she wants and let’s her whore out. From that woman’s perspective, what’s not to love? Don’t be a cuck because even your “companion” feels sorry for you

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And in some cases, resents them for it. They sit there, pining over what it'd be like to live with someone who isn't a gigantic faggot. Will dump the cuck as soon as they find someone manlier, willing to settle. Which would most likely just be a slightly less faggy cuck, because anyone with a real brain would stay far away from them.

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I can’t and refuse to understand these cuckold bullshit these days. It makes zero sense to me.

[–] TheTrigger 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

There's the idea floating around that it's caused by excessive watching of pornography. You're training your brain to get-off on watching another man have sex with a woman that you are sexually attracted to. Warps you, over time, in to having a cuckold fetish. Sounds legit, to me.

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Hmm that does make sense. Degeneracy tends to lead to more.

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Never heard that before. It does sound legit.

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This mentality extends further then this weird cuck shit. Some of my ex-friends thought just because I was friends with them for years and decades meant I had to be friends with their wife or girlfriends which ended up ending our friendships.

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Yeah, that's a strange one, to me. I actively avoid hanging out with my friends and wife, at the same time, most of the time. Messes up the dynamic; unless it's a double-date or something, in which case, whatever: that's a whole different thing. Still annoying, though.

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Sad part is you couldn't pry any of them away from their woman or their woman away from them which should have been my first sign.

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