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This meme is quite powerful. It's both a refutation of an entire ideology and draws attention to the bankers who control the government.


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It shows that the Free Market no longer exists in North America.

"Free" means "free from coercion." The state is a monopoly on violence. Human rights protect individuals from government action. Statism is yhe belief that the state grants human rights. Spiritual, Deistic, and philosophical minded people belief that nature or God grants human rights or that they are self-evident.

The Central Banksters take the reigns of the government and benefit from the tools and implements of the state. This is the same idea behind Leftism, Islam, and Dictatorships. Central banks tend to create Oligarchies.

The market will not be free until it is free from state coercion. Since the Federal Reserve retains ownership status of the state (via debt), freedom is suppressed.

Home of the Brave? Land of the Free?

Or home of the cuckold and land of indentured servitude?

This patient has lost contact with reality.


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nighty night deep state