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Are you simple? Imagine coming home after a full day of work to a women who has been home all day, alone, bored. Her friends are at work, your kids are off to school. You will be her sole source of human contact and she will be looking forward to it all day long. This worked in the 50's when they sold Laudanum over the counter, but these days if you want a sane wife and not some doped up drunk potato, you need to have her work at least part time.


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Bug man detected.


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kids should be homeschooled. sending them to school is destitute parenting.

bored? lmao I'd trade place anytime.

internet. games videos news reading learning books. kids

that's enough to not eb bored for an entire life

gtfo ... no common voat insult fits you



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internet. games videos news reading learning books.

Oh god, another psuedo-intellectual Reddit refugee. I'm not a communist by any means but Che Guevara was right about the lot of you.


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If the kids were at school of course I would expect her to work. You're damn straight this isn't the 50'ies anymore. Bitches have to pull their weight.