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Scarcity is a very profitable product to manufacture.

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they pulled that trick with TV networks, then technology said "fuck you" and suddenly there are a million other ways to get information via the internet.

So the goal has been to make people stupid, so that they don't innovate. The problem is that once a society stagnates, it collapses.

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Look at the Internet service providers. The government gave them tax payer money and they turned around and fucked us. And there's no market competition, which is the only way we could fix it.

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Manufactured scarcity only comes from governments and socialists.

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This guy gets it.

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No he is a socialist that frequents this subverse for some reason. No natural monopoly currently exists. Even De Beers are facing competition from artificial diamonds.

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Sadly that's too deep for many. It shouldn't be that way, but that shallow tiny bit of extra logic is considered heresy to think that far, and is shunned by the media.

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Female of color comforting a white woman? Unlikely scenario.

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She's really pulling her hair.

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Facts dont care about your feelings!

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Rights aren't services, they have to be taken away. Even if you say medical care is a human right, well how much? A person has a incurable terminal illness, should the rest of society be forced into slavery researching a cure? It's much easier to just say "You have a right to access healthcare."

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A person has a incurable terminal illness, should the rest of society be forced into slavery researching a cure?

That is the problem with emotions (women) running a country; they have no idea how far reaching the consequences of their ideas are.

When they hit inevitable walls as you outline they start to add caveats until you end up with the classic communist cluster fuck bureaucracy.

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People dont care anymore

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That's fine but when the laws of economics and nature force them to care it will be too late.

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Emotions always concern themselves with reality though. The deepest sense of reality lies within one's self. The knowledge of good and evil at its core.

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No. Good and evil are completely subjective and physics don't care about any of it. There are no "justice molecules".

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I agree that there are no such thing as justice molecules. That much is true. It does not even boil down to that ultimately. I don't argue for a system of good and evil, but I argue for one to an appeal to the naturalistic argument but in a manner where it is not exactly just a matter of common sense, but fits into a certain ethical mold(if there was no "good" and "evil" we would not have ethical systems).

The main thing though that really confirms your point and that part of it comes to it boiling down to a certain kind of biophysics is that sensibility conforms to understanding and understanding inscribes itself upon common sense and works around this and likewise common sense works around the ideas and forms inscribed into the blank slate of man's collective consciousness/system of public consensus that serves as a modulator of the system of ethics and has a certain implied kind of logic that sets a rational precedent for the ethical system to proceed in such and such a rational manner that tends to survival, will, and life form.

This is where one goes beyond good and evil not to redefine good and evil, but to continually reconstruct their ur-form in the human consciousness and have it imbued back into the individual, when they are working back into the community.

This is what has made the West great at a certain kind of level, but nothing has been written into that tabula rasa that expressly dictates to the needs to preserve the white race, the creation of an ethnostate, that nothing should ever be done to do anything that would be detrimental to the preservation of the white race.

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Do you want riots? Because that's how you get riots, think about the French revolution: it started because the price of flour went too high.

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People who can't figure out how to feed themselves (something even animals can) and riot over it threatening others should just be shot.

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Luis XVI would agree with you, and he ended up with his head in the guillotine.

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