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Pretty sure you could own a legit cannon back then too.

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Their naval fleet was private. I want to see a movie about a privateer captain fighting the British.

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The entire military was private volunteers for a very long time. Civilians showed up with their personal weapons to fight.

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You are right. The draft was not instituted until the Civil War. Up until then, every war was fought entirely by volunteers who believed in what they were fighting for.

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pretty sure you legit still can.

but anyone who thinks that a document written to protect the rights of a nation for all time is written by really really fucken smart people only thinking solely about that one day and not the future at all is completely fucking retarded.

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I'm not 100% sure what the laws regarding artillery were, but you could definitely arm your ship(a necessity in those days to fend off pirates).

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The artillery used during the revolution was on loan from private owners. That should say it all.

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I'm sure Mr. Washington would be thoroughly impressed by the gun's superior firepower.

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Just a reminder. They had repeating rifles back then too. The founding fathers knew exactly where weapons were headed and why they were needed...

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We need to go back in time and show him what happens when slaves are brought over to America.

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The Founding Fathers would be shooting by now.

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The biggest promoters of gun rights were those on the frontier and New Englanders. The South only adopted it later when it was meant to keep the feds at bay and to ensure stability in their own society.

The feds though banned people from self-protecting themselves from unfair taxation though, whether it was the Whiskey Rebellion or Shay's Rebellion.