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Brexit is the clearest example of all time that the people of the UK have no voice. The illusion of democracy is just another method of control the system uses to suppress peasant uprisings. The fact that the people of the UK have not yet risen up in arms at their voices being ignored just lets the people in power know they can do whatever they want. The people of the UK are truly cucked.

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I was raised to believe democracy was our GOD so... when does the killing start?

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"Wait a minute! How dare you notice that White People are the targets of genocide by blacks/ANC in South Africa! You racissssss!" - Phillip Hammond

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Why is it so common for people not to understand the word "theft?"

Theft is a deceptive form of stealing. Inflation is theft. Pickpocketing is theft. Identity theft is theft. Snatching an unattended purse is theft.

Robbery is a stealing with the element of assault. Assault is the credible (or believable) threat of violence. Stealing with an element of battery is also robbery. Battery is the use of physical force.

Taxation is robbery. Armed men on a bridge demanding a toll is highway robbery. Robin Hood is not a thief; he's a robber. Muggings are robberies.

South Africa is experiencing a robbery epidemic, not a theft epidemic.

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Nigel seems to be the only man in Britain with his balls intact

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shame he didn't remain in politics though.

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They are thrice the normal size to compensate though.

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And she is over there laughing, dancing literally, and parting with them in photo-ops to show support an try to normalize it.

see: https://voat.co/v/NewsFromTheLoonyBin/2698416

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Standing up for white people = standing up for people. How is this somehow wrong??? I'm amazed that people can actually support genocide and call themselves moral fucking people. Speak out for the palestinians and what the jews are doing to them (not to mention this country) and you are socially shunned. American's need to wake the fuck up and it appears so does almost all of europe.

fucking amazing

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Yes, please don't leave yet. We aren't done exterminating you.

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Holy shit! It's now mainstream politics to advocate for whites? This South Africa thing is going to be big.

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Wouldn't call Farage mainstream.

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I know nothing of british politics save what I read hear and on the daily stormer, so he seems mainstream to me.

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