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I blame public education. Educators saw correlations between high school diplomas and thought the way to raise wages was to give everybody diplomas. Instead it just made the diploma worthless as a barrier to entry. If we make college "free" the same problem will happen there too.

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Socialism is Legal Plunder

-Frederic Bastiat

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Good, we can remove education as a barrier to entry completely and HR people will have to actually do their fucking jobs and start vetting people again. I'm absolutely done with people who's entire job experience is reading bullshit off of Reddit backed up by a bullshit degree.

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In my cornerstone class, fucking hard as shit, my professor introduces on the very first day a list of 100 commonly misused and misundertood words. Shocking how much we just gimp by educationally without actually knowing shit. Well, these words are to be used in exact order using correct English to answer essay questions on tests and papers pertaining to the material.

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My middle school offered Latin. Not everywhere is lost yet.

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This is sad. When I was in junior high, the high school offered Latin and I planned to take it. My freshman year, they dropped the class. I could only choose between Spanish or French. There were multiple Spanish teachers and one Canadian teaching French. Sure, nothing stopped me from studying Latin on my own time, but it used to be part of public education.

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The chicken & egg at the root of slavery.. government schools, & legal tender laws.

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In some parts of Jamaica, they teach Shakespeare in elementary school.

Go U.S.A.?

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Shakesqueer is dumb. The entire curriculum is satanic.

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"Methinks you doth protest too much" -- Sorry, Bill

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I agree that the entire curriculum is satanic, but what's wrong with Shakesqueer?