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So Britain compensates slave owners for the loss of slaves after it abolishes slavery. Most slave owners were jews....

Jews lend money to Britain to pay jews, jews then charge interest on loan.....

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4) Profit!

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3) (((?)))

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The views of this article are sjw bait.

You might expect this so-called “slave compensation” to have gone to the freed slaves to redress the injustices they suffered. Instead, the money went exclusively to the owners of slaves, who were being compensated for the loss of what had, until then, been considered their property.

They spent their own money earned by the sweat of their brow in order to free the slaves, and now this guy is complaining that they didn't pay more to also compensate the slaves, or to kill everyone that possessed slaves at even greater cost and THEN pay the slaves even more? This guy has no clue.

What do we always say about the US civil war? It was not about slavery, it was about power. We could have freed the slaves by just buying them at a far cheaper price than turning the country upside down, but then we'd get idiots complaining that we didn't kill enough southerners and give all of our money to the slaves.

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fucking kikes are excellent "long term" thinkers. unlike niggers who can't think 5 seconds into the future.

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what the fuck is that completely nonsensical quote on the concrete thing.

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What was the interest earned versus the actual loan?

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I don't know about Great Briton but the USA already spend the blood and money.

Civil war dead between 640,000 and 700,000.

Union Civil War Casualties Combat Deaths: Over 110,000 Other Deaths*: Over 250,000

Confederate Civil War Casualties Combat Deaths: Over 95,000 Other Deaths*: Over 165,000

LBJs war on poverty spending 1960 to present $22 trillion.

The War on Poverty After 50 Years http://www.heritage.org/poverty-and-inequality/report/the-war-poverty-after-50-years

The War on Poverty Has Cost $22 Trillion http://www.ncpa.org/sub/dpd/index.php?Article_ID=25288

War on Poverty https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_on_Poverty

Robert Rector: How the War on Poverty Was Lost Fifty years and $20 trillion later, LBJ's goal to help the poor become self-supporting has failed. https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303345104579282760272285556

Blood and Money spent.

It's time to go begging to the arabs, moslem's and other africans who where accessories to those crimes. The West out lawed slavery, the west fought battles and wars to end it. Guess who's still in the slave trade to day?

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I imagine the investment of capital and man hours in to Africa in the last century is well over a trillion also.

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The war on poverty has nothing to with the poor. If it did, they'd have just divided that money up among the poor. Of course the poor provide jobs. No one is going to put themselvrs out of work "fixing" poverty. They create employment primarily for women outside the home with that money. 90% of the "helping" profession are women. The government contracts and agencies that are set up to fight poverty are an industry that created a lot of college graduates that just want to "help" people. The effect of that industry in particular on society at large is one of the most destructive. If those employees ever have children of their own, they start demanding government funded child care for themselves. They're the driving force behind the idea that the government is the husband and provider. Their government funded community "mothering" bullshit doesn't do any good for the poor, and the employees that make a living off of poverty are on a make work welfare program themselves. They drive wages down with their unnecessary jobs.

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https://archive.fo/lKYeQ :

When will Britain face up to its crimes against humanity? | News | The Guardian

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These massive loans never really get paid off. The state will just borrow more money to pay the old loan.

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