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Evictions cost money, to say nothing of the insanity for the market in creating so much housing inventory so fast. It just doesn't make sense for landlords to evict anyone when this lifts unless they were already in arrears before the lockdown to begin with.

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So they all get evicted as soon as the ban expires. Lot of jews rubbing their hands in anticipation.

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Lot of jews rubbing

It's not looking good for those who own property anywhere..., this article says that the British govt "also said there will be a six-month notice period for evicting tenants, meaning renters cannot be evicted until March next year."

Also here, there are ideas that "a ban on landlords evicting tenants was required for at least another year while the threat of a second wave of coronavirus", and proposals that "the post-Covid economy should include an increase in capital gains tax for second homes, a legal limit on the number of properties that individual landlords can own, a ban on the purchasing of homes through companies, and cancelling rent arrears caused by Covid-19."


Don't know about your situation, but to me this commie agenda looks really dangerous for normal landowners -I'm sure the big ones will have no problem with any of that, but middle or small ones could get infested their property with all sorts of rats.