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Just like with the subprime lending meltdown, it is people who cannot normally qualify for loans suddenly being eligible.

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Just because the economy is great doesn't mean people are suddenly fiscally responsible. Some people are just stupid with money and have no ability to manage it no matter the economy.

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because of significantly softer credit requirements... you've heard the deals on the radio: "make $250 a week? you're approved! no money down! Up to $30k in credit!"

You can almost hear the no-credit, low-iq masses responding to the ad: "Shhhheeeeeittt! I make $275, nugga! I'ma get me a new ride!"

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Well other than the Federal Reserves tradition to raise interest rates under Republicans, people are shit with money and refuse to stop spending money on things they can't afford and don't need.

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Because idiots bought too expensive cars.