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Inheritance aside, I wonder how many millionaires had parents who were also millionaires even if they didn't directly bequeath wealth? That could show that privilege is transferred even without straight transfer of wealth. I am fairly sure that would result in a different result but also certainly not as much different as one might think based on "common wisdom". Many children are not as successful as their parent. And many successful people truly did bring themselves up from much lesser circumstances.


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This. Some people have wealthy parents and can take risks early on in their careers knowing they have a fallback if things don't go as planned. Or they're able to start up their own business on zero income while their parents help them out with living expenses. Most people don't have this luxury.


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... well they inherited from their parents... thats... inheritance???

am i missing something?


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I'd qualify getting law school paid for and a job at mommy's friend's firm as inheriting something, but this article doesn't concur.