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And they should pay off the loans working at StarBucks. Their ideas of gaming greatness living in moms basement dashed by reality.

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That's a superb article. Federal student grants and loans should be 100% defunded.

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Because apparently we can grow and inflate ourselves out of debt. Monkey see, monkey do.

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Why? Because they are idiots.

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Because, life is expensive, now days. Couple that with them being raised by boomers.

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Life is only expensive if you are stupid. Living beyond your means is stupid. Having debt and not paying it off is stupid. Staying where you grew up even though you can't afford to live there is stupid. Getting a degree in a field that has no income potential is stupid.

Being stupid is expensive.

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Fuggin’ boomers, their fault for building shit we’uns wanna have. Boomer scum.