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I seriously doubt it. Most of these places like GM, GE, Apple, M$, etc. do some shady fucking accounting. They are just taking the hit like everybody else.

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"Earlier this year GM lowered its profit forecasts for 2018, citing higher steel and aluminium prices caused by new US tariffs. And in June, GM warned that trade tariffs could lead to job losses and lower wages, telling the Commerce Department that higher steel tariffs would impact competitiveness."

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The delivery premium is up about 6% from last year to 14.5 cents per pound. Harbor Aluminum predicts that it could reach 19 cents per pound if the tariff is implemented.

The benchmark price for hot-rolled, coiled steel is above $770 a ton, up 32% from a recent low point in October. Spot-market prices for that type of steel, widely used in manufacturing, are above $800 a ton. Some steel distributors say mills are only partially filling their orders because of tight supplies.


Trucks weigh ~ 3 tons so that's a roughly (high balling here) $200 increase in material per vehicle. That's not going to do shit to generate layoffs.

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