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I hear the Rocky theme song playing in the background

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I don't, inflation has outpaced raises for decades.

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https://archive.fo/0vLux :

Middle-class income rose above $61,000 for the first time last year, U.S. Census Bureau says - The Washington Post

'Median household income is generally viewed as the best gauge of how a typical middle-class home is faring financially, although the Census Bureau changed how it collects income data in 2013, making it harder to do an “apples-to-apples” comparison of median income last year to median income before the change. '

'Crossing the $61,000 mark signals the American middle-class may have finally earned more than it did in 1999, although the Census Bureau cautions that median income last year was not statistically different from 1999 or 2007. '

'Middle-class household income has been rising steadily in recent years as the economy has rebounded from the deep recession and millions of Americans have found jobs again. '

'Middle-class income rose to the highest recorded levels in 2017 and the national poverty rate declined as the benefits of the strong economy lifted the fortunes of more Americans, the U.S. Census reported Wednesday. '

'"We’re continuing to see a shift from part-time to full-time work, so some of that could explain an increase in income,” said Trudi Renwick, an assistant division chief at Census Bureau. '

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