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entry level? cause my IT exp doesnt translate easily.

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I keep seeing these headlines and they seem like huge bs. Yeah the economy is great right now, but damn not many employers are willing to train. Even if you have experience, but not everything they desire. I see a lot of postings that seek one person to do the jobs of three. I know and work with plenty of people who would be willing to do this work for less but can’t get in the door.

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right? I am a capable and quick learner. Hell i dont even know what im doing now, but im doing great at it!

I looked into marine mechanic school, only offered during working hours so i have to quit or cut hours to train for a job I should be able to apprentice at... but then at a low wage while apprentice and fuck i dunno i think im stuck in IT or until i can open my own gun store.

also... plumbing isnt hard... i can connect pipes to pipes and wrench stuff! is that right... wrenching things? heh

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Miami has a high cost of living, a shit ton of traffic, and gets hurricaned all the time. And most of the people are unpleasant imo.