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"elections on Sept. 9 could endanger decades of centrist dominance" "Centrist" in Sweden is obviously a relative term

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This article is very inaccurate in its claims about:

Another major weight on the krona: national elections on Sept. 9 that could endanger decades of centrist dominance if the Sweden Democrats win around 20% of the vote, as opinion polls project. The far-right party runs on an anti-immigrant platform and has called for Sweden, like the U.K., to hold a referendum on leaving the EU.

This right here is nothing but disinformation. Out of the eight parties represented in the Swedish riksdag, seven are extreme leftist (but they see themselves as the norm, hence why the call SD far-right).

The Sweden democrats themselves are what you would call centrists but still socialists.


But yes, the currency is tanking, and anyone with their feet on the ground have known this would be the case for a long time. It will become even worse soon, a total collapse of the housing market after a massive inflation of housing prices and a steady influx of low-tier occupational-forces (some call them immigrants or new-swedes in New-speak) who needs housing on the taxpayers dime. If I'm not mistaken, regular Swedes are the ones with the most loans in the world. Almost no one owns their property, the bank does.

When this market crashes, it will be a catalyst for a total breakdown of Sweden as a nation.