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Who in the fuck wrote this steaming pile of adulterated English? It is like a mixture of Yoda speak and autocorrect. The writer and editor need fired.

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I gave up after the third paragraph. I just figured it was some uneducated minority trying to sound smart with their new degree in diversity.

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I wrote it on my cell phone while driving and eating a big mac JK lol

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They get it wrong all the time because they are fraudsters. They get paid to lie, cheat and steal. Their purpose is to legitimize a ponzi scheme. Or put another way, they are confidence men trying to convince you that fractional reserve banking is sound and fiat currency is honest.

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True economists are never wrong. Part of the last 12 years the government has turned economics upside down and the press follows with the charlatans. Like global warming.

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Honest economist don't get public relations jobs; they get disenfranchised, then they get rich and/or write books considered "conspiratorial" or "cynical"

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Lol ty. Economists are traders that failed at trading so now they tell other people how to lose money

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They're not smart. They're not even a science.

'Where there is science there is no argument' - DaVinci

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Economics is the field of manufacturing authenticity for the policy the elites were going to pass anyway.

Economists don't even have to be complicit in this. Pick and choose the economist that supports your goal.

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Austrian economists are consistly right. Socialists masquerading as "economists" are the ones who're consistently wrong.

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