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Here some fun facts.

America’s most famous group of folks called the pilgrims weren’t giving thanks to the Indians. It was god. But so why comment in your post?

Well, those pilgrims were also America’s first communist! The first year here they played the good coop communal living and by the end of winter came around they were fucked. I suppose the Indians did help a bit but come on, god fearing people loving it up with pagan natives! Be serious now!

So when the second year came around taht commie group figured out taht capitalism just works. So they gave up on everybody earns the same bull shot and grew a bumper crop and had oodles to spare so they invited their Indian friends for a feast. I’m sure there was some gratitude but seriously, they were probably trying to convert their poor souls! If I was an Indian there I would be laughing and saying nah man, your god didn’t provide.

Maybe the Chinese knew the good pilgrim story too!


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Perhaps this is more history than economics? But it seems like an important date in economics. 1978: when people went back to caring more about whether a cat was a good mouser, than the colour of his coat.

But it that the best date to remember?


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It's the day 18 peasant farmers demonstrated a greater grasp of economics than the entire Communist government of China combined.