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A note about bumblefoot. Do not think that since your duck/chicken/swan/etc is so well cared for it won't get it. A minor cut getting an infection can cause it. It isn't common, but it does happen.

  • I prefer using Vetricyn Spray On Gel on poultry foot/leg problems (works on minor cuts and scrapes to major issues such as bumblefoot). It's expensive but it is seriously a miracle.
  • To help make up for lack of nutrients, use a poult-pak/Vitamins & Electrolytes ''Plus'' powder in one of their drinking waters, preferably the one near their food as they will drink that one more. It's only 4 dollars for poult-pak/Vitamins & Electrolytes ''Plus''.

  • Epsom salt soaks are wonderful for leg issues as well. But do not let your animals drink it. It will cause explosive diarrhea. (this has been known to kill birds depending on severity)

  • For chickens you can take a more medical route. Though I wouldn't suggest it with webbed critters in case you cut that webbing. http://timbercreekfarmer.com/treating-bumblefoot-in-chickens/