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So... The lesson is to smoke real weed?

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Even real weed can do this to you, it was laced with other drugs. If you did not grow it your self you don't know if its really clean.

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who the fuck laces weed and sells it at the same price? in 32 years ive never seen it, never seen it happen to anyone else. it makes 0 sense and even less economic sense to do so

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No one died. 71 people smoked some K2 or something and it ended poorly for them.

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smoking weed and consuming the NEWs are now one in the same... keep it real

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What? The article has nothing to do with weed. At all...

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K2 is not synthetic weed...

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We really need to start making a different noise with our face when we talk about this shit because it is nothing like actual cannabis. That synthetic shit is dangerous.

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