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Climate change is a myth created to further government interference in our lives. The earth naturally goes through cycles of heating and cooling, hot climate leading to an ice age over and over again. Don't believe everything the government tells you. God bless America, long live the republic. Trump 2016!!!

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1000 AND 1000years, can you say where you got your info from...cause i think your feels are in the way again.


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close... climate change is very real. you cannot say it doesnt. Its when they try to say we somehow have a significant impact on it. maybe in a very small we can influence it. but to say we are going to destroy the earth by co2 is ridiculous at best.

Government funding is only thing keep this "science" alive. because everytime it comes to debate (as in applying real science) is sink like an anvil in water. So lets arrest people who challenge our ideas. perfect.


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Ding Ding Ding