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Why would the American FCC have any say so about sats launched by an Indian rocket?

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https://archive.fo/uvCFm :

CEO Says Launching Satellites Without FCC Permission Was a ‘Mistake’ - The Atlantic

'Swarm had secured a spot on the Indian rocket for its product: a set of four small satellites nicknamed SpaceBees. '

'The agency, it turned out, had denied Swarm’s request to launch the SpaceBees last year. '

'This was an exciting moment for Spangelo, the CEO of a young start-up called Swarm Technologies. '

'When the satellites successfully made it into orbit, Spangelo felt “super relieved and excited,” she says. '

'The FCC, the message said, wouldn’t review any of Swarm’s applications for future satellite launches until officials figured out what had happened with this one. '

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