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"doctoral candidate in Cultural Anthropology" So basically this guy was studying about his culture, the black culture, and was more than likely being pushed through the college system because he was a black man, in a doctoral program, and could be the face of some department who needs a minority hire/quota met.

"John developed what he thought was a friendship with a female fitness class instructor" You don't date the teachers, even in college. It is just something you don't do and this guy couldn't handle his dick.

This is the second instance he was accused of doing something wrong too.

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The article tries to paint a sympathetic picture of this aspirational race mixer, but I don't have any fucks to give for some dirty chimp who wanted to get his mitts on one of our women. Joke's on you, chimpy. Many white girls are dangerously psychotic. I'll bet they didn't tell you that in your favorite Jew-produced interracial porno flick.

At first the headline really made me bristle, because I thought another affirmative action "doctor" was headed down the pipe. Obviously we don't want our wives and daughters being looked after by a dude who couldn't even make it through med school without being accused of rape multiple times. But then I saw he was only a candidate for the "cultural anthropology" doctoral program. That makes me think he was in training for a career of telling people on Twitter their Halloween costumes are racist.

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Well 60-70 years ago he could have been lynched.