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Bake the straight cake, faggot.


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At this point, it feels like the gay pride movement is a baseball bat. The swing was good, the hit was solid, so far a decent civil rights movement.

But then the batter just followed through and let go, and now it’s hurtling into the crowd at full speed.


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It was always a metal bat aimed at a child's face. There were never good intentions.


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Look... that's not true.

I'm a faggot. I'm also an engineer. I'm a damn good one, at that--I've gotten promotions once a year, every year, since I started. This year? My job isn't even to write software anymore. I am paid to go from engineer to engineer on my team and to look at what software they're writing, and I'm paid to advise them on how to write it better. I teach them everything I know at every opportunity I have, because it's my job to make their careers advance more quickly.

Not so long ago, I would have been fired and castigated for fucking butts. Look, if you don't like it, I get it!--I don't want to be the guy wearing a horse outfit at a "pride" parade hauling a chariot.

But Fuck You for saying "there were never good intentions". I do my job fucking well, and everyone below me on my team is glad to have me. The only thing I was ever after was the right to do my fucking job because I'm fucking good at it--end of story.

All this other shit is next-level and it's not at all great.

But y'know fucking what? I can use the word "boyfriend" at work, but also, I can be damn good at my job and I can be judged based on how damn good at my fucking job I am.

That's all I ever wanted.

And I'm mad as shit that this whole group of "MY NINE YEAR OLD IS TRANS LOOK AT HIM SHAKE HIS ASS PEDOPHILES ARE FINE" bullshit are co-opting my equal rights movement to push fucked-up degeneracy that screws up my goddamned nation.