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The spectrum is in personality, not sexuality. A chef isn't gay because he likes to cook. He still fucks women.

A woman that likes to fix the plumbing when it breaks isn't gay. She's likes to fix things.

It's like electricity. Positive is male, negative is female and there's some slight mixing of traits. No mixing of sexuality. Only about 3% of humans fuck people of the same sex. 00.03% of humans have a serious brain disorder that causes gender disphoria. Their soul was not floating around in outerspace and simply took a wrong turn and landed in the wrong body. Leftists are obsessed with them, using them for their own self esteem and hurting them by interfering in medical research that could really help them.

Teachers who use the very few gender disphoria victims there really are as an excuse to sexualize children need to be fired and put on a watch list.

Yes, I agree so strongly with your assertion, I ranted.


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Eh. I'd say there are 4 sexes, male, female, intersex, and sexless, where there's just two genders and people can identify in the middle if they want.