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Sauce and Plate.

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Nicely plated, as well!

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Thank you!

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The cheap wood chopsticks are best for fried rice. Or just a fork! I’m too lazy to struggle with oily rice and most Asians too! Lol

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Oh, I purposely kept the fork out of frame!

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I would have browned the vegetables more by introducing them more gradually into higher heat, but maybe you don't like that.

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I sliced the zucchini and yellow squash by hand and they were a little tough, so they ended up a little thicker and less uniform than I prefer (I usually use the food processor for these things, but I like the long diagonal cuts when I do something Asian, and I can't get that unless I do it by hand) and I wanted to give them a light sear, but was also aware that they would be in the wok the longest, and didn't want to overcook the thinner pieces.

Next the onions , with the squash just pushed up the sides. I use the smallest burner on very high heat, so the bottom of the wok is where the real cooking takes place; the sides cool down pretty quickly, so I kept the lid on most of the time to give a good steam to the squash. I put the garlic in a little too soon, and it started to scorch before a lot of the onions.

I thought about putting in the green beans next to give them a nice sear, but I really wanted them to have more of a 'snap' so I waited until after the meat and just let them steam.

tldr: Yeah, I agree. It just didn't work out.

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go back to instagram faggot

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...or, you know, don't hang out in the cooking sub if you are that easily triggered by food.