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or watch him on youtube for free?

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Or apply for a job as a dishwasher at a nice kitchen and get paid to learn how to cook.

(It's not that hard but so many people manage to be incompetent at it.)

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Yeah, but then you're in the industry.

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Up-goated because I would watch Ramsay read the phone book.

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I admit I'm coming to this from /v/all but wouldn't you be better suited to learning from some of the youtube channels where the person posting it shows the process and addresses questions from the audience in other videos or in the comments not just an audio of directions? heck for cooking I would think written would be better then an audio book as you can read at your pace to follow steps and practice without having to pause or touch things to change the speed of the content. maybe just me but an audio books seems like the worst possible format to do a learn how to cook.

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It's actually 20 videos.

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Gordon ramsay is a transgender

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It's TRUE. All celebs are.