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When the dam was built, it didn't have rebar reinforcement. That's why it broke, and why they had to evacuate the fish hatchery.

Are you a local to the area? Because a lot of the "elite" people in the area have ties to ranching (cattle, almonds, rice, corn; big ag in general) and wouldn't shoot themselves in the foot, not with how water has been rationed due to the drought.

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The other part that makes me go what the fuck? on his post is: Where do cities get their magical food supplies from? I know damn well they cannot grow enough food on rooftops to support any city.

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No - I am not a west coaster - but L. Moret is out that way. I am sure big ag calls the shots on water. Some people don't know how big farming is out there - green-gold!

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Your first clue to their insanity was calling this a disaster... No one died no large pupulation areas got flooded. Some damage to a dam that desperately needing fixing. No big deal.

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California has the 7th largest economy of all the countries in the world, and it's just one STATE out of 50 in the US. They have every climate zone, and many special microclimates, so they can grow subtropical to alpine flora. They grow 95% of the tomatoes for tomato products in the US. Have you ever been in a tomato fight in a big field with really ripe tomatoes to throw? I have. Have you ever driven a tomato harvester with 100 people on it sorting tomatoes? I have. Have you ever done a Caesarian on a cow? I had some help, the UC Davis student vet team came out to my barn, the surgery cost $32, I sat on the heifer's head, and it took the students about 5 hours to do the surgery and sew up 5 layers before they were finished. Have you ever been to the wine country in Napa or Sonoma? We went as UCD students and stayed in old prune orchard stone buildings at small winerys where our friends were working as onologists and viticulturalists. California is a real blast in the country, and people are much more social and interdependent AND dependent because they need each other. Have you ever driven circles - in a 65 VW bug in a big field - around a big macho farmer in a 4X4 fancy heavy engine work truck? I have, and he almost squeezed me to death with his hands around my neck, so I went and told his Spanish grandmother and he got into a lot of trouble. Yeah, I like country life a lot, never a dull moment.

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I am pretty sure it has been declared a disaster. That declaration allows out of town fire dept.s etc. to respond (get paid by the state).

As it is unfolding still and homes have not been searched that are in the danger zone it is presumptuous to say no one has been hurt or killed.

Disabled people were left behind according television reports.

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Cities and towns from 4 counties were issued orders for immediate evacuation. That's significant. It's dangerous and has potential for tragedy. From Oroville to Sacramento-- that's not a small amount of area. If the emergency spillway gives out, there's more than a handful of communities in danger. They've cancelled school/college for those in the Oroville area just in case. http://www.actionnewsnow.com/story/34486618/butte-county-releases-map-of-areas-with-mandatory-evacuation

Fuck man, read up on the Johnstown flood. It's got that kind of potential.

I'm from the area and have family there. As a kid, I toured the dam as a field trip. Trust me when I say this can be bad, as the area at risk is a part of America's breadbasket, so it's not just the impact on lives, but for feeding communities.

The Romans had an adage; give them circuses and bread and the poor will never revolt.

Deliberately wiping out the farms/ranches/orchards of gun-loving rednecks would backfire. They're already pissed that their vote for Trump means that they lose their cheap farm labor and that's got their knickers in a bunch.

The State of Jefferson is very much alive in that area, is all I'm saying.

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SEE ALSO - America's Man-Made Disasters series by Trowbridge H. Ford


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Chapter from 'Unless Peace Comes', 1968


by Gordon J. F. MacDonald, U.S.A.


Leuren Moret comments on this article and the dam -

... this chapter in the book "Unless Peace Comes" was written in 1968 by Gordon MacDonald, the geophysicist who created the HAARP applications for tectonic warfare and other geophysical aps for HAARP. This excerpt can go with any comments or articles on natural disasters that are artificially triggered.

This chapter explains a lot of things and its easy to read. At the very end he explains how they will use the HAARP aps to strip the public of their resources and freedom, and make them think these are all natural disasters.

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If you don't maintain dams they collapse.

The only damn NC has had collapse recently http://www.kristv.com/story/33379769/hurricane-matthew-aftermath-dam-collapses-at-n-carolina-power-plant

Was being maintained by the same people that admittedly don't maintain things http://www.greensboro.com/news/dan_river/duke-energy-admits-to-pattern-of-negligence-with-coal-ash/article_e8eddde8-f9aa-11e4-a57d-c72c0c03f5e9.html

HAARP may give us an illusion of control, but the place really is falling apart and we need a major investment in infrastructure.

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They had 25 billion a year gifted by feds for " investment in infrastructure" ... and they blew it on other things (Jerry Brown pet projects).

There isn't a lack of " investment in infrastructure" there is a lack of prosecution of criminals who steal the investment (opinion).

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Excellent observation. I guess I don't consider it "invested" till the concrete get poured. Our locals also spend the grants on whatever suits their fancy.

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Atmospheric HAARP River Switches to “OFF” Over Oroville


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Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir 19 02 2017

From Dr. Leuren Moret


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Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir


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