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APA teaches brand new ways in which you can fantasize about being a victim. "I am disabled so I should have more of the government's help in forcing me to get my way over you." It is all a victimhood-status-fest to position for one's unethical negotiation with people who have conflicting goals. Whereas before the allegedly strong would have the advantage in this negotiation, the government sanctioned victimhood status, allows for the allegedly disadvantaged have the government exert its will against you when your goal conflicts with theirs. (You ever meet the guy that hides his disability and goes around the bar trying to pick fights? That's them.) This is socialism in a nutshell. Victimhood status.

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And by playing victim, you also give up more of your rights to the government.

APA diagnosed? Well, you'll have to rely exclusively on the governments help for self-defense, raising your children, operating your business, etc.

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Organization needs to disband.