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This is the only correct answer. A PT111G2 is the only good "budget" option readily available. Contrary to snobbish contrary comments, the PT1111G2 is universally well accepted and functions very well. It's accurate and extremely reliable. No one who has actually used one has anything bad to say about it. My wife's weapon has several thousands rounds through it without issue. This is by far normal for this weapon.

You can frequently find excellent deals on this weapon. But even at normal prices you can frequently get it for less $250 + FFL out the door. My wife bought hers for $245, including FFL, years ago. Better deals are frequent and common.

Anyone who says anything contrary here is proving they have no credibility on firearms. They instead have decided brand loyalty is more important than quality or reliability. Which means they have no opinion of importance and are incapable of thinking for themselves.

The only legitimate complaint is that some people don't like the trigger. It's not a problem in anyway nor is it bad. It's just different with long-ish travel.

Random search search, but this review is typical of all PT111G2 reviews:

The weapon universally reviews and performs excellent. Good tolerances, fit, and finish. It's the definition of good budget buys.


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It's not the "only" answer if the dude has $300 to spend. I liked my g2 quite a bit, but with $100 more I'd rather have a shield or lc9.

I've had all 3 and so far the taurus was the only one to ever FTE.


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It's not the "only" answer if the dude has $300 to spend...but with $100 more

You just agreed without realizing. ;)